There are all kinds of Mountains in the world but never the same mountain twice.

From the famous qoute of Sir Fitzgerald(tweak up a bit), this, I know by heart to be true.

Dati pare-parehas lang tingin ko sa mga bundok. Lahat mataas, lahat malayo, masukal, maraming hayop, delikado, in short, “hinde masaya”.

(Before, I thought mountains were all the same. All were high, remote, home of wild animals, dangerous, in short, “not fun” at all.)

But not unless you make that first step up the mountain slope and not until you take your first life-risking shot up on the summit will you understand, the unspeakable joy mountain hiking has to offer.

The more I hike, the more I prove that each mountain is unique. Like different teacher on different classes giving different lessons. In two months this year, I had climb four mountains and each has generously imparted to me unique learnings. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

Mt Maranat – Bulacan. – Stamina is sometimes more important than strength. That he who can endure is better than he who is strong.

The mountain is characterized by an 8-hr hike breath-taking(literally) unpredictable trail. This is my first ever hiking experience and that’s what makes it more special. Up to date, no other mountain has caused me so much fatigue than this one.

Mt Maculot, Batangas -Take Chances. Nothing is 100% definite until it’s done.

Here I miss my suppose to be first summit and traverse. After the rockies, we should be heading to the summit (where the view is actually by far average than the view from the Rockies). The tourguide notify us that the traverse path will be closed for that day. So i opted to just wait on the campsite while they continue on the summit. And once there, woah! change of restrictions, traverse is now open. While going down the same path, I was full of what ifs and could have been. And the regret I carried down is heavier than the force of gravity I had to endure going up.

Mt Daraitan, Rizal -Travel light. Excess baggage can drag you down.

My longest hike yet. My first overnight at the jungle. Truly,  how heavy an object is, depends on how long long you would carry it. Even a bottle of water becomes unbearable if carried all day. Are you dragging extra baggage with you? Let it go.

Mt Arayat, Pampanga -The universe is wider than your views of it.

My highest peak so far. Standing at an elevation of 1030 MASL with unobstructed view of central Luzon plains, I saw how vast the world in front of me is. And how small I am. A humbling experience indeed.

(Will post on each hike experience separately.)