As part of our Mindanao trip, we visit the Magellan’s anchorage, National Museum and Balangay site, probably because it’s on our way to Britania Island or our tour driver just wants us to experience these must-see Surigao landmarks.

(c) janette padilla. There is no entrance fee to the museum since July 1, 2016.

First stop is the Butuan National Museum which is very suited to kick-off our Surigao adventures. A little background on the beauty that is about to unfold before us.

An introduction of the province that was very well explained by the most dedicated curator I have ever met. (Never got the chance to get the lady’s name or maybe I forgot :p , but one thing I would always remember is her commitment to her chosen profession.)

The scenic view outside the gallery (inside the compound) provides great background for photo souvenir 🙂

We also stopped by a small monument depicting few people on a boat ready to anchor in Barangay Masao/Masawa.

Lower the anchor!

This place supposedly served as a short stop for Magellan’s expedition before heading out to Cebu, hence the name Magellan’s anchorage. Though other historians argue that the Masawa is actually the present day Limasawa – and not this tiny portion of Butuan.

We head next to the Balangay Boat Building site located in Luna Compound, Brgy. Bading, Butuan City. The site displays a huge balangay replica held above a pedestal emphasizing its size.

With the gang doing a trick shot (or maybe something of that sort…)

It is surrounded by tall acacia trees and the gigantic replica rest alongside the Agusan river.


The mention of Agusan river brings to mind Lolong (yes, the crocodile). That largest saltwater crocodile in the world (ever caught and measured) was captured in Agusan Marsh, a protected area found at the heart of this river.

We spent quite sometime spying on the vastness that is in front of us. Being the third largest river basin on the country, who knows what creature might lurking just around the corner 🙂

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